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Meet Isabella--aka "Izzy." She is 22 years old going on 6. She has been Vanessa's trusted rock through rocky times. She is a solid reminder of confidence. Izzy works well with people who lost their drive to live. She moves fluidly with strength. Izzy initiates focus, motivation, and clarity. If you lost your vision on life, Izzy will help you find it.


Beautiful Neila.  She is 9 years old.  Neila has a heart for the wounded.  She feels deep.  Neila will engage you if you feel lost or if you have a hard time staying grounded.  You will be found with Neila.  Give Neila the reins to your heart, and she will steer you in the right direction. If you need a hug, Neila will always give you one. 


RIP Mic passed away on 12/24/18.  Our Ranch lost a beloved friend.    Mic is our all-star athlete: he is a successful Team Sorter and has won a lot of money competing. But, before he gained this success, Mic was abused severely. After a long life of mistreatment, he was abandoned in the desert--left to die. And to this day has a hard time trusting and he is a sensitive soul. But Mic knows who needs him. He brings a unique quality to our Team by reaching the unreachable. 


Ruby is 17 years old. She is incredibly intuitive. She reads people's emotions with passion. Ruby has the ability to see into your soul and be there with you in your suffering.  She knows something about suffering herself--Ruby lost her first foal when he was only 3 1/2 months old.  This was a tragic loss for her and for the Rancho Milagro family. Ruby understands depression, loss, and grief, and she is capable of helping others learn to grow through it.


Par was a competitive horse that made a lot of money (don't tell Mic). But Par was misunderstood. He is very personable and does not take life seriously, but being in the show pen required him to be serious. Par does not walk--he skips.  His mood is always light and happy. He reminds all the horses and humans to "lighten up," that life is short, and it is meant to be enjoyed. Par will teach you boundaries and confidence in the way you walk.


Annie aka " Annie Bannie" is a mischievous little 4 year old Quarter Horse.  She was bred and born at Rancho Milagro.   Even though she has the life, she knows pain.  She lost two of her best friends and even faced death on two different occasions.   Annie will remind you about patience, boundaries and ways to express your needs.  Annie knows how to bring out the kid in you.  


Obediah aka "Obie" is our first of many mustangs.  He was on the Virginia Range in Nevada.  Where he was found standing next to his mom that had passed away.  The herd had left him, so he needed to be rescued from a life or death situation.  Obediah will help the Orphans be found, the Veteran to have a strength to survive and even the abused child to see hope.  


Rio (pictured left) was dumped out in Rio Verde where we live.  Rio knows how to show you God's love.  She will lay in your lap.  Gracie (pictured right) is the most amazing dog.  She will lean on those who need a loving reminder of their sense of self.  Gracie is always ready to welcome people to the Ranch.  Don't be surprised when you pull up and are met by the crew!

Rio and Grace

Meet Jax aka " Jackie Chan".  Our son rescued Jax and brought him to the Rancho Milagro family.  We are so grateful for Jax.  He will watch everyone and pick the one human that he knows needs him.  Jax is very particular with who he spends his time with.  And the ones that he picks fall in love with him every time.  


Theodore Tinkawits is a two year old and the smallest of his crew.  Julie his mom found him abandoned in a box when he was four weeks old.  His traumatic experience has allowed him to be very sensitive.  Help him fill his love tank.